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24 Hours Emergency Plumbing Services available with fast response time & 24 hours Plumbers.


Your Contractor for Commercial or Residential Plumbers!



24 Hours Emergency Plumbing Services available with fast response time & 24 hours Plumbers.

Your Contractor for Commercial or Residential Plumbers!


24 Hours Emergency Plumbing Services available with fast response time & 24 hours Plumbers.

Your Contractor for Commercial or Residential Plumbers!


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Copper Repiping

Chino Hills Copper Repipe: The Benefits

  • Copper Repiping will restore the water pressure to normal levels
  • There will be no more temperature fluctuations when showering when new copper piping is installed
  • Rusty and corroded pipe along with discolored water will be eliminated when copper repiping is performed

Copper repiping is the ideal time to consider and undertake water system upgrades, including adding a soft water system, installing a hot water circulator, installing a tankless hot water heater and adding a whole house water filter

Chino Hills Copper Repiping will improve the Water Pressure in your Home

When Chino Hills Copper repiping specialist completes the repiping process, you will see a noticeable and significant increase in the water pressure. If your original piping system is galvanized steel, chances are it has rusted and corroded and developed a leak, or maybe even more than one leak. As the pipe corrodes more and more, the water system delivers less and less water pressure. Old and rusted pipes are the perfect candidate for copper repiping. The copper repiping process includes replacing the old pipes with new, type “L” copper pipes.

copper-repipingOther problems that can be fixed with copper repiping are temperature imbalances that results in being scalded with hot water while in the shower. Worn pipes and the temperature imbalance are created when turning on a plumbing fixture while the shower is running and causes the shower water to temporarily get scalding hot. There is a solution to fix that problem, other than banning the use of plumbing while someone is in the shower, and that is copper repiping. Replacing the old pipes with new copper pipes will allow the full flow of water to the plumbing fixtures and correct any temperature imbalance, no matter how many plumbing fixtures are in use at the same time. If you have questions about copper repiping and what it can do for you, call Chino Hills Copper Repiping and talk to the experts in the repiping field.

Chino Hills Copper Repiping will help improve the Quality of your Water

If your water is rust in color and you find rust stains in the sinks, bathtub or shower and toilet, chances are your plumbing pipes are in need of an upgrade. Chino Hills Copper Repiping will solve the problem of rust colored water by replacing your old pipes with new copper pipes. Chino Hills Copper Repiping specialists are the experts in the field of plumbing and will advise you on the best way to fix your plumbing problems.

Steel pipes rust from the inside out and the pipes have already experienced much disintegration when the problem comes to light. Installing new copper pipe will eliminate rust colored water, as well as fluctuations in water pressure and water temperature. Chino Hills Copper Repiping will repipe your home and replace the old problem causing pipes with new, efficient copper piping. Contact Chino Hills Copper Repiping and speak to a specialist about repiping your home.

Upgrades to Consider When Repiping Your Home

Repiping your home is the ideal time to consider including water system upgrades. It is often more cost effective to do a variety of work than having the work done individually. A lot of the different construction tasks have to be performed each time construction work is undertaken. It makes sense to perform some of the tasks once and have multiple projects completed. Some of the upgrades that might be considered are as follows.

Adding a water softening system will remove calcium and magnesium from the water making it soft. Soft water eliminates soap scum, meaning there is less time spent cleaning the tub and sinks. When showering in soft water, your skin and hair will breather better. Installing a water softening system at the same time as new copper pipe will be cost effective in the long run.

A water circulating system will deliver hot water to the fixtures quicker, rather than waiting for the hot water to makes its way to the faucet. This is especially helpful for large homes and other buildings. When Chino Hills Copper Repiping installs new copper pipe, they can install the water circulating system at the same time.

A tankless water heater installation is another option worth considering when Chino Hills Copper Repiping is installing new copper pipes. The tankless water heater does not have a reservoir to store water. Rather, the water passes through the heating element and water is heated as needed. That means there is always sufficient hot water available, no matter how much hot water is being used. Call Chino Hills Copper Repiping and find out how to add a tankless water heater to your repiping project.

Whole House filters are another option worth considering. The filter will purify the water as it comes into the house from the source before it reaches the water heater and the distribution system. The filter can be located anywhere. Popular spots are the garage, closet or the basement. Be sure to contact Chino Hills Copper Repiping for more information about water filters.

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